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Why you should choose an Independent Insurance Agent
When it comes to finding the right fit for your insurance needs, the task can be quite overwhelming.  For example, there could be different types of coverage that you could not understand, and jotting down numbers can get quite confusing over the time spent crunching the numbers.
For this reason (and many others!), you should consider seeking the advice and service of a local insurance agency like Woodhome Insurance to help you get the coverage you need at affordable prices.
If you’re unsure what the benefits of working with a local insurance agency like us are, take a look at what we have to offer:

You Have Somewhere To Go If You Have a Question

It can be quite a frustrating experience when you have to call a national company, can’t it? For example, let’s say you have an issue with your computer that requires you to call the company’s corporate office.
When you call, you ask your question and the person either doesn’t know or you have called the wrong department. When you work with a local agent, you don’t have to worry about getting transferred around and around if you have to call. In fact, you can get right to the source because we care about your well-being. If you don’t feel like calling, since we’re local, you can even come in to ask a question if you have one.

Someone Has Your Back

As previously mentioned above, we care about your well-being! When you work with a local insurance agency, we check and re-check your insurance options. If it finds out that we can help you get the same or better insurance coverage at a more affordable rate, we can get it for you! National chains tend to have a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to insurance, so you pay more for less coverage.

You Have Options

One of the best reasons to see us for your insurance needs is how we can provide many options. We represent many different insurance companies that offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points.
With us, there’s no need for you to spend time filling out many different online applications to get your quote comparisons. We do the shopping, and you do the saving. We’ll find you the right blend of price, coverage, and service.

Save Money on Other Insurance Policies

A significant benefit of having a local, independent insurance agent is how we can help with all of your personal insurance needs and coverages for your family’s assets.  We’ll look to see what’s available from auto insurance, renters and homeowners insurance, boat, RV, and motorcycle coverage, and more.  We’ll strive to understand your personal needs, your family’s situation, your assets, and your estate and recommend policies and coverage to save you money and ensure you’re properly protected.
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