1. Create an eerie playlist

Bluetooth technology has taken off over the past few years and has resulted in some excellent smart home devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Making a playlist is simple and having the music stream through your smart home devices can help add to the frightening environment you’re attempting to portray. Create a fun Halloween playlist this holiday!

2. Utilize smart light bulbs

Light bulbs are essential for setting the ambiance of your home. As technology has progressed, the implementation of multi-colored light bulbs can help set the perfect mood for your home! Consider trying these specialized bulbs in your home this Halloween season to help create the perfect atmosphere for your spooky manor. You can even sync the bulbs with your Halloween playlist to create a perfect presentation!

3. Scary greetings for trick-or-treaters

What better way to spark a little Halloween spirit than a creepy message when trick-or-treaters visit your door? Now, thanks to Ring™, homeowners have access to a video doorbell that is primarily used for home security purposes, but can also be used to capitalize on the Halloween holiday. Given its motion-sensing technology, you can sync your light bulbs to flash on and off as visitors approach your front door. In addition, you can pair this device with a fog machine to help add to the splendor of your Halloween set design.

4. Incorporate a fog machine

Continuing from our previous trick, a fog machine can be a great way to set the perfect mood for your home as trick-or-treaters visit your door. Syncing the machine up with your smart home technology can help you create a ghostly vibe when motion is detected outside your home!

5. Outdoor projectors

Lastly, on our list of tricks to help create the perfect Halloween smart home this year is the employment of outdoor projectors. You’ll probably notice many of your neighbors have incorporated these in their Christmas decorations over the past couple of years, but Christmas is not the only holiday that can effectively use these projectors! Much like the smart light bulbs we mentioned earlier, you can sync these lights up with music to help cap off your presentation.

So, what do you think? Are you thinking about giving any of these tricks a try this Halloween season? Or do you have some other fun tricks of your own? Either way, enjoy the holiday and make this Halloween season a treat for you and your family!