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“App”-y Trails to You: 7 Apps for Your Next Road Trip

There are a lot of things to think about when preparing for a road trip: stocking up on snacks, gassing up the car, and charging all electronics. One thing to not forget is to download certain kinds of apps that can come in handy when you’re on the road!

You might be wondering why you should download apps rather than rely on your phone’s browser to find similar information. Many apps store their information directly on your device, which will allow you to retrieve data quicker than using a website. And unlike websites, a lot of apps can provide you with basic content even when your phone is offline — a big advantage when driving through an area with poor reception.

Before you hit the pedal to the metal, be sure to check out these seven types of apps.

Hotel Booking and Review Apps

Several apps can compare multiple hotels for you at once, and many notify you of last-minute deals on empty rooms that are looking to be filled. Be sure to check out the reviews, assess the amenities, and see what else is near each hotel in terms of activities and dining.

Bed Bug Alert Apps

Many people assume bed bugs aren’t present in high-end hotels, but they can be found in all types of accommodations. Before booking your next stay, download an app that alerts you if there have been any recent reports of bed bug activity at your favorite hotels.

Community-Based Map Apps

Why should you download a community-based mapping service app if you already have a standard GPS unit on your phone or in your car? Because these types of apps do more than just show you how to get from Point A to Point B. They also use real-time information gathered from their users to provide you with updates about any accidents, speed traps and obstacles that may be on your route. These apps also use the information they gather to find you the fastest route to your destination.

Fuel Finder Apps

Gas prices can fluctuate often and vary greatly not just from city to city, but even between gas stations in the same town. A good gas finder app can not only help you find the best prices for fuel along your route but also let you know the distance between stations so you can make a safe decision on when to fill up.

Weather Apps

The U.S. Department of Transportation says that about 1.2 million weather-related crashes happen each year. If you’re on the road, it can be difficult to determine if the clouds you see in the distance will turn into a rain shower or a severe thunderstorm. Make sure you’ve downloaded an app that not only shows the conditions in your current area but also weather changes along your planned route. Turn on notifications that alert you in real-time about hazardous weather such as tornadoes and flash flooding.

Clean Bathroom Finder Apps

If you’re tired of playing rest-stop roulette, download a bathroom finder app. These apps can help you find the nearest restrooms coming up on your route, plus give you ratings so you’ll know which ones are cleaner than others.

Exit Apps

Have you ever pulled off an exit and eat something you’re not in the mood for, only to discover that your favorite fast-food choice was just a few exits down the highway? If so, you’ll appreciate an exit app that can show you all of the services and amenities available at the different exits along your route.

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