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Bundling Home and Auto Insurance Saves Money and Time

One of the best benefits of working with an independent agent is that we can work with many carriers that can insure both your home and auto insurance. This allows you to take advantage of multiple discounts. Of course one of the biggest and most popular savings is bundling your home and auto insurance together. 

All Your Policies in One Location

Is the idea of having all of your insurance information in with one agent in case of an emergency appealing to you? Maybe you are refinancing your home. Maybe a bad storm blew through your location. Whatever the reason, you need copies of all your insurance or coverage information on those policies. When you have everything with one agent or carrier, you don’t have to worry. You won’t need to look through emails, the junk drawer or calling multiple agents or even a call center in another state. To get the information you need, just give us a call. We have all your insurance information at our fingertips, saving you time and worry. 


Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance 

Two of the easiest ways to significant savings are increasing your deductible and buying your homeowners and auto insurance policies from the same company. Generally speaking, the higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium. Choose the highest deductible you can reasonably afford. Consolidating two or more types of insurance policies or bundling your insurance with the same company can also provide considerable savings. In addition, with many insurance companies, you can lower your premiums by installing smoke detectors, burglar alarms, or deadbolt locks and by making your home more resistant to disaster.


Bundling Your Insurance Means Better Protection

Home and auto insurance carriers want all your business and will reward you for trusting them with all of your policies. You’ve probably seen big-name insurance carrier mascots on the television promoting the savings of bundling your home and auto insurance. And it is true most carriers will offer significant discounts for placing both your home and auto insurance with them. Nationally, the average savings on a homeowner’s insurance policy by bundling with auto is 20 percent. Keep in mind, however, insurance rates are largely based on your zip code. Therefore, your homeowners or auto insurance rates could be higher or lower compared to other areas. 

Even if you are not a homeowner yet, you may qualify for discounts by bundling renters and auto policy together. Often the savings with a renters policy and auto with the same carrier is so great, that it appears you are getting the renters policy for free. 

This will help you to save more on your premiums. When you combine your home and auto insurance, for example, you will not only save money, but you will have the added convenience of one insurance package. That means only one company to pay each month, one renewal date, and one place to contact in the event a catastrophic loss.

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